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To whom it may concern:
We are writing this testiomial because of the absolutely outstanding service Susan Stecher provided us when we decided to sell our home.  Due to the poor market, we expected that it would take approximately a year to sell; but Susan did it in two months, selling it for a very fair price.

    Susan does not just sell homes.  She becomes familiar with her clientele and their needs and works to meet those needs.  She helped us stage our house for selling, using her staging knowledge and fantastic people skills to get us there.  With tremendous patience she was able to gently coach, coerce, encourage and entice the man of the house, (who has his own very strong personal opinion of what a man's office and a man's garage ought to look like) to make these rooms presentable (something the woman of the house had been trying to do for 40 years).  As we readied the house, we appreciated her gentle shoves, patience and kindness, as well as the use of her contacts when we had projects that we could not complete ourselves.  Susan has a great networking system for making the necessary contacts.  She took great photos and marketed the house on the internet, in the paper, and through her contacts and week-end open houses.  We had the largest For Sale sign on our block.  Once the house was on the market, Susan regularly kept in touch with us and walked us through every phase, right up to closing and beyond.

    We will be eternally grateful that we marketed our house through Susan.  She was actually recommended to us by a friend.  We have since, recommended her to our friends.  There is no better proof or praise for good service than word-of-mouth.  Thank you, Susan.
Medardo and Kathleen Delgado
- Medardo and Kathleen Degado

We're a retired couple, sailing around the world in our 40 foot yacht. We were looking for a place to relocate once we complete our voyage, when we visited Bellingham and had the unexpected pleasure and good fortune of meeting Susan Stecher, as we dropped in on an Open House she was holding.
We fell in love with Bellingham, and with Susan's help found a beautiful home in Sudden Valley, in a park-like location with outstanding views of Lake Whatcom, and a nearby place to keep our yacht for local sailing.
We had to return to our boat, which was located in the Caribbean, to continue our journey between cyclone seasons.  The logistical problems of bringing the home purchase to completion, not to mention the details of finding a house sitter and maintaining the home in our absence, seemed insurmountable.
Without Susan's optimism, local contacts, breadth of knowledge and experience, and determination to make it happen, we would not be Bellingham homeowners today! She has redefined the term "real estate representative", exceeding our expectations in every way. We consider her a friend on whom we have been able to rely for help and advice, with complete confidence. 

Without Susan, we could not be pursuing our dreams of sailing around the world and relocating to the Pacific Northwest at the same time!  She is simply the BEST!  John and Patricia Harris

- John and Patricia Harris

Dear Susan: 

We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how very grateful we are for all you have done for us both professionally and personally as we prepare to retire from our careers in Las Vegas and move to beautiful Bellingham. We so appreciate the fact that you answered Tammie’s internet inquiry about Whatcom County with a kind invitation to show us around, acquaint us with the area and help us find our dream home.

Since the first emails and over the next ten months, we visited Bellingham five times and, on each occasion, you had a number of home possibilities researched for us based on our criteria. During each of those of those visits, you spent several full days with us looking at homes (sometimes the same one multiple times), researching additional possibilities and answering our incessant questions. In addition, you took us to many wonderful restaurants, local businesses and points of interest in the area as well as locating contacts for us that will greatly ease our integration into the community. We also came to appreciate and look forward to the “goodies” in the cooler ever present in the back of your vehicle.

It is difficult for us to put into words how much we appreciate the help, hospitality and patience you have shown us during this very important relocation process. You anticipated many of the issues you knew we were going to confront and had not yet considered. You put us in contact with financial, mortgage and other professionals that we have found to be most competent and as willing to share their time and expertise with us as you have been.

When we actually found the home we had been looking for, we came to appreciate even more your professionalism and competence. You were magnificent in negotiating for us an exceptional purchase price, which was far below both the asking and the appraisal amounts; finding highly competent inspectors and craftsman; and handling the myriad details involved in protecting our interests from beginning to end. If we had had the opportunity to design a real estate professional, we certainly would have designed you.

Since the purchase of our new home in Bellingham, you have continued to demonstrate your interest and concern in our smooth transition many times over by attending to post-purchase details we were unable to take care of due to the fact we remain living and working in Las Vegas. Perhaps most importantly, we are so grateful for your friendship and the bridge you provide from our careers in Las Vegas to happy, meaningful retirements in Bellingham. With sincere and heartfelt thanks, Burk and Tammie Smith

- Burk and Tammie Smith
To Our Friends: I know that most of you have been following our journey to purchase our retirement home in Birch Bay. Some of you have probably heard more about it than you wanted. We just got word that the process is complete and we have taken possession of the house.  Although the process was far more complicated than it ever should have been, our terrific agent Susan Stecher kept things on track, even after the multiple last minute curves the lending underwriters threw at us.  To put it mildly, the lending rules have changed, significantly since January 1, 2009.  Simply said, if you have $100 in cash in your pocket, they would be reluctant to loan you 10 bucks.  We thank Susan for your thoroughness, negotiation skills and patience during this challenging process. Our home purchase would not have come together without her. She is not just our wonderful real estate agent but she is a newly found friend.
- Bruce and Mary Ansell

My wife and I interviewed several real estate agents when we decided to sell our home in Bellingham, WA last spring. We selected Susan Stecher because she was very professional with her presentation and truthfully answered all our questions about the sale of the house. She told us how she planned to market our home and what we could expect from her as our representative. Two weeks after we listed with her, we had a full price offer. Susan did far more for us that she promised and did an excellent job of helping us complete the sale transaction. She is the only agent we have ever been satisfied with and we highly recommend her.

- Ted and (Gwen) Fahrlender

As out-of-towners purchasing our retirement home, we required more of Susan's time than most buyers. Susan assisted us well above and beyond our expectations, both with the purchase of the new home and other related matters. Susan's attention to detail kept everything moving smoothly. She was patient, understanding, and always met our questions and requests with a smile and quick response. We couldn't have been happier with her services. Susan treated us like good friends and we hope to maintain that relationship for a long time.

- Shelly and Jorge Gildelatorre

I found that Susan has the unique capacity of being an outstanding, highly knowledgeable and motivated real estate professional as well as being a person of high integrity. Her communication skills are honed and she radiates her convictions. Susan priced and advertised the unique home property I wanted to sell, which had languished as a FSBO, and it was under full under contract in a week and closed in three. As my agent/partner in the next step of me finding a place to buy, she is all I could ask for: good listener, dedicated researcher, tenacious advocate, knowledgeable professional and honest friend.

- Barbara Baker

I don't know about you, but when it comes to something as important as selling your home I want someone to like it as much as I do and to be excited about the features of the home and its potential.

A friend encouraged us to talk with Susie (Susan) Stecher, which we did. We liked her enthusiasm and friendliness. We also appreciated the fact that Susie was willing to list our home for what WE thought it was worth.

She had some wonderful ideas about how to advertise our property and what features to focus on to attract the type of buyer the home would suit. Susie not only devoted her time and energy to selling our home, but also helped us find a mover and had names of people to call if we needed to fix something. We were also impressed with the talent and knowledge she brings to her career. Of course liking whom you deal with is very important as well, and Susie seems to turn her clients into friends and when you meet her - you will know why.

We had lived in our house for 38 years and had put a lot of ourselves into our home, yard and landscaping.

Susie sold our home in two months and worked with the buyer's agent in our best interest. The whole process went smoothly and without any hitches because of her terrific management.

As I stated, she not only advertised, did open houses and worked behind the scene to make sure our interests were protected. She held our hand, calmed our fears, went with us to sign the papers and gave us moral support throughout the process.

Thank you Susie for being the kind and generous person you are to devote so much of yourself to your clients. With great affection - Helen and Richard Bowman.

- Helen and Richard Bowman

I chose Susan to sell my home after interviewing six realtors. She was enthusiastic about the uniqueness of the house and made arrangements for competent people to perform pre-existing repairs to maximize the selling price. Susan is truly a skilled professional who is organized and efficient as well as fun to work with. She commanded and received a very good price for my house in a matter of a few weeks and helped me find a great real estate agent in my new location. I am so glad I chose Susan.

- Jane Pearce

Susan is a highly organized professional who knows what "customer service with a smile" really means. She is proficient in her performance, highly knowledgeable, and provides excellent advice on market trending. Susan is very easy to talk with and you feel at ease with her while you are developing your life plan for relocating. I would not hesitate to refer anyone I knew to Susan Stecher, no one could do a better job then her!

- Bernice Budz, MSN, RN, ARNP

As for Susan, I honestly don't know if there is a realtor around who can compete against her in terms of efficiency, organization, professionalism, or knowledge. Scott is a pretty picky, at times critical, person, and even he was impressed. That says a lot. We will refer every future friend, buyer, seller to Susan, knowing that they will receive the very best service in the region. She definitely goes above and beyond. This was a very difficult move for our family and she was - and is - there every step of the way.

- Megan and (Scott) Dawson

When we first contacted Susan we had told her that we were looking for a community, not just a home. Nonetheless, she took the time to meet with us, providing all sorts of material and information. We came away from that meeting impressed with her knowledge of Bellingham, the market and by her professional manner. Once we found the home we wanted to purchase (We arranged for a home to be built by the contractor of our choice), her assistance was even more valuable. Susan explained what was going on at each stage of the process; giving good advice and guidance on a variety of issues. Susan was always available to assist us, promptly responding to our concerns and questions. Susan continues to be a great resource and, best of all, a friend.

- Lewis (Mike) and Pam Anderson

When my fiancé and I relocated to Bellingham, Susie walked us through every step of the process until we found the absolutely perfect home for us. Susie has amazing energy and stamina, and she knows just about everything about everyone in Bellingham. If you want an excellent resource and a realtor with her heart in the right place, go with Susie.

- Rebecca Maya Parker, ND


I appreciate all your efforts to getting Mom’s house sold quickly. Jerry expressed more than once how impressed he was at how hard you worked and how good you were about keeping me in the loop. Your communication skills are what made this long-distance sale run so seamlessly.

I still cannot believe that I could return to my home and stay here for extended period of time after making all the arrangements with you and still have the house sale in Bellingham more forward so smoothly. Your work ethic is phenomenal -- what more can I say!!!

It was a pleasure getting to know you and I hope the sale which completes our professional relationship does not end our growing friendship. I look forward to seeing you whenever I get over to Bellingham. Donna Barnhart  (Referring Agent) found a precious jewel when she came upon you my friend!  Betty (And Jerry) Johnson

- Betty and (Jerry) Johnson

Dear Susan:

We ar not sure what is wrong with us, other than the discombobulation associated with this living in two cities thing, but we are so sorry that we have not gotten a proper thank you note off to you.  We are so incredibly grateful for all you did for us.  Your time and expertise have definitely helped us transform our dreams, but mostly we are very grateful for who you ARE -- your gifted personality, generosity of heart and all around good personage.
We look forward to living in Bellingham and enjoying your company! You have helped us so much!  Many blessings! Julianne Dickleman and Larry Maes

- Julianne Dickleman and Larry Maes

I would like all of Susan  Stecher’s clients and potential clients to know what an outstanding business woman and person she is.

She guided me through a rather complicated and sometimes difficult transaction in the sale of my condo in Bellingham. And I never had to leave my home in  California. Moreover, she kept me informed every step of the way.

I recommend her to you without reservation. Sincerely, a once and future client, Jim McCullough

- James McCullough

My Mother and I want express our gratitude and appreciation for Susan Stecher. The complexities of making today's real estate and financial decisions can be sometimes overwhelming. With the knowledge and experience of Susan, both my Mother and I feel we have achieved our financial/ real estate decisions with great confidence and peace of mind. Without Susan's knowledge and experience I am confident to say we would have wasted valuable time on our own or with anyone else. We cannot thank Susan enough for her personal attention she gave us both. What may have seemed overwhelming at first, Susan Stecher made it a learning experience that has proved to be invaluable.

- Jay and Carol Foltz

Susan's AMAZING! She's more than a gem of a Realtor. She's also a wonderful resource and will bend over backwards to help... When my sewage pump died, minutes before I had to leave for an important job interview, she offered to stay at my house to let in the plumbers in the middle of a wind storm and without power to the house. Susan's always been there for me.

- Diane Birsner

She is the most attentive real estate agent I know. She was ALWAYS available by phone and NEVER made us feel like we were intruding on her. We always felt like we were the only client she had. She bent over backwards to adjust her schedule to ours and never complained. She never did just what we asked either, always went above and beyond and thought about things that we hadn't. She was very resourceful - if she didn't have the answer, she was honest about it and then went and found the answer. Susan has a great sense of humor and had a tremendous amount of patience with my husband and me.

- Erin C. Mcllhany

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